The act of writing for many people can be freeing and gratifying. Some of the greatest works of mankind have been in the written word. Histories of great civilizations and stories that have lived through the ages have fascinated many people for many generations.

I believe that the art of writing is one that needs to be revered and held in the highest regard. It is something that needs to be preserved, regardless of what media it is preserved on. Those who truly call themselves scholars have always read.

Click on “A Little Sampling” in the menu under Writing or the link below. These are stories that I have written and feel are worth sharing.  Also visit the blog page “Edutainment” for information on the craft of writing along with what I think of the process as I go through it. Read for fun, listen to the advice for, well, I suppose it could be for fun as well. I know that sometimes the advice of others strikes me as funny.

A Little Sampling

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