About the author

Jason McMurray is a 10+ year veteran at the East Irondequoit Central School District. He enjoys sharing what he has learned throughout the years with others, both in Biology with his students and in writing with the world. He was born in Minnesota, land of cold and snow, now residing in Rochester, NY. Ironically, still a land of cold and snow. It comes as no surprise that he likes building snowmen with his children and having the occasional snowball fight .

Since before college he has always enjoyed writing little stories and poems. They provided an escape that did not exist in the books others wrote. In 2008 the desire to write encroached more and more until he started writing stories again. He even entered the L.Ron Hubbard “Writer’s of the Future Contest” and garnered an honorable mention.

The first novel is tied up in a bow and beginning to be shopped around. To all who offered encouragement, a heart-felt thank you.

2012 will be a year for working on everything. More frequent blog and Twitter updates will be headed everyone’s way. Two more major writes are in the works (writing is like a disease), and he will also be plowing through his Tae Kwon Do training.

If you want to read his earlier work, look below. Depths of mystery was aided by commentary given to him by Nancy Kress at a workshop.

Depths of Mystery Final -the first real short story and winner of an honorable mention.

flying-zucchini -mostly just fun frivolity.