A comfortable pace.

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Writing

This is a post that somehow failed to go through. It was written one month ago.

So, I have been blogging for nearly three years now? It seem not be simultaneously longer and shorter than that. It seems longer than that because I feel that I have shared a lot of my thoughts on the craft of writing as I am experiencing it and on the craft of teaching as I have gone through it. I have responded to many kind comments and have even followed many of your blogs in return. Throughout this time I have also come into my own voice along the way and feel that I have become crisper in my delivery, in my own way. If I am incorrect in saying this, please let me know.

At the same time I feel like it hasn’t really been that long of a journey at all so far. First off, I don’t want this to end anytime soon, so that is a big part of it. Second, I haven’t gotten around to all of the wonderful blogs out there. Third, I haven’t posted nearly ask much as I thought I would have three years in. It is to this last statement that the rest of this month’s post will focus.

When I first started blogging I had these grandiose ideas of blogging three or more times a week. I was sure that the time would be easy to come by and that life would just make way for me. What I didn’t realize was how much time I wanted to spend with my family. Now a days I do a real concerted post every other month. There are pundits that would say that isn’t enough to get a writing career going. I say that it is what I can do, especially if I want to do work on my writing itself. There are many who post more than me, but I can’t justify sacrificing my writing and family time for the sake of the blog.

I have settled into what I call a comfortable pace. I do regular work on my WIP and blog post with some regularity. When the times are right I do more. I guess what I am trying to get at here is that we all need to find that pace that makes the most sense to ourselves. Happy writing and happy early winter celebrations to all of you.

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