Where do I stand? On the ground, of course.

Posted: January 5, 2013 in WIP
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So, I probably should realize by now that December is by far my hardest month to get a lot done. The words don’t flow as well as they do in August. In August-November I wrote nearly 50,000 words. Unfortunately I didn’t like the direction those stories were going and tabled them in favor of the current project.

Between the Holidays, the beginning of indoor track and my students itching for break I have little time for major writing. I did, however, manage to finish the outline for my WIP, get character sketches done for the two big characters and wrote five chapters attached to my main plot-line.

I have refocused my writing with the new year, and have set aside time for writing. For the first time I have a scheduled work time for writing along with a minimum work time. I have also set other goals in connection to those work times, and hope that it leads to my goals for the year, which is 2 novel length stories along with several short stories. The one thing that I would like some assistance with is your opinions on what to post here on the blog. I thought I would do a quick character bio on the characters as they come out and share their stories with you. Is there anything else you would like to see, let me know.

Well, time to move on to some work on my project. Those characters aren’t going to tell their stories by themselves.

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