Taking risks.

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Writing

In life little is gained without taking risks. Without taking risks I would not have the woman that I am married to nor the two wonderful children that bring joy to every day. So, with the  idea of risk firmly in hand I am going to give you all a writing challenge.

Take ten minutes to write a piece that starts with “Like most lovers of…” and uses the letter pairing of O-P as often as possible. The way it works is that every unique word that you use that contains the letters O-P together gives you a point. After writing for ten minutes count up the number of points you achieved. Post your score in the comments section. I will be doing the same below after I finish my introduction to you. I will do this in one go with no editing. That is my risk. Here you go:

Like most lovers of opera, Sophia enjoyed ‘The Marriage of Figaro’. Of all the operas out there she believed this one was the top of the barrel.

There  were those whose opinions were in opposition to Sophia’s. Her cousin Opal believed that Don Giovanni had more to offer the discerning opera goer. Then again, Opal was more likely to be found with an open can of soda pop over a bottle of Brut.

“I hear that there are still tickets for opening night for Carmen.” Opal’s voice had a tendency to sound like she was always preparing for an opportunity to audition. She sang every word without even knowing it.

“That show has never been popular in this area,” Sophia responded, rolling her eyes. 

“Do you think we should get Pop-pop to go with us?”

“You could just call him dad, or father even.”

“Where were the fun be in that, Sophie dear?” The last note out of Opal’s mouth popped Sophia’s ears.

“I might stop hating you so much.” A smile made it’s way to her lips.


End time was reached. This proved to be quite a challenge for me. Let me go back and count my score. I get one point for the first time I use a word. Plurals of a word count as a new instance. My score: 17. 

What about you?

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