A trip down memory lane

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Writing

I sit here today writing to all of you with a renewed spirit. To be fair, I have neglected my online presence since the death of my mother back in March. There have been a lot of things that I have had to take care of in that time, and the only way I could maintain some amount of my sanity was to let something drop that I could afford to. I apologize to any of you that thought that this was the end. I assure you that it is most certainly not.

I am preparing to make November 5- December 5 2012 my own personal NaNoWriMo. Not in any official sense, with joining of groups. Just as a push to purge myself of my inaction as of late. When I was writing more I was also blogging more, and I think it has been fun for all.

About now, you are probably all wondering how anything that I have said so far matches the title at all. The answer is, it doesn’t. What follows, however, will:

As I went through the writing folder on my computer I found one of the very first things that I wrote from a writing prompt. I think it was a prompt from Writer’s Digest, but I can’t be sure. It may have been from an early class. I had to use a list of condiments to write a short scene. It was a fun little bit of work, and I felt like sharing. Here you go.

Mayonnaise                  Pickle                        Ketchup                          Mustard
Hot Peppers                 Relish                        Soy Sauce

Use all the above words in a piece that starts with the phrase: His taste in women was…

His taste in women was as bland as mayonnaise. He always looked for a girl that was plain, and didn’t stand out all that much. He wouldn’t dream of looking for a woman with a bit more spice in her. But even a dream undreamt could come true, and that happened on the day that he met Maria.

He had found himself stuck in quite a pickle as he arrived at work. He had locked his keys in his car, and did not relish the thought of telling his boss that the report he was looking for was a mere two feet away behind some safety glass. The verbal beating he would receive would sting like hot peppers stuck to the back of your throat.

He decided to go to an early lunch at Chen’s Garden. He liked going there, because the restaurant actually made its own soy sauce. He admired that, and as far as he could tell, it was the best soy sauce that he ever had. He was sitting at the counter, enjoying his meal, when a voice interrupted.

“Could you pass the mustard please, or are you using it?”

“Huh? Oh, sure,” he glanced up and saw the most beautiful face that he had ever seen staring back at him. His hand froze in place over the mustard, and he stumbled over his words.

“You can give it to me now, unless you were planning on dishing it out for me.”

“Oops, sorry, just lost my mind for a moment, I have been having a bad day.”

“Tell you what, you give me the mustard, and I’ll let you tell me what is going on.”

For the next hour he told her everything that had been going on that day, and even went further, telling her about how he didn’t like the job that he was in, but he didn’t see how he could do what he truly dreamed about doing. At the end she went to leave, and hesitated before turning around and saying.

“You know what Mr. Heinz, you should definitely open up that Ketchup Plant. I am sure there are many varieties that haven’t been thought of yet.”

 With that she left, but the blessing of her passing is opened everyday in my house, especially if my son is eating fish sticks.



I hope you enjoyed my post today. I am going to make a NaNoWriMo page to post small snippets of my process. It may be helpful to all of you attempting the same thing. I need to go do some writing therapy now.

Keep the pen on the paper,


  1. Welcome back, Jay! Very cute story! Now get busy writing!

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