The Summer Writing Spree Starts

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Writing

July 1st is my official start to my summer writing session. I typically try to average 1000 words per day during this stretch. Some days are going to be greater than that and others will be interrupted by life, and this is okay. I really like these two months for jumpstarting a project. It is how my first Novel “A Deadly Connection” was started and almost finished. I am very proud of the final product and only see this year’s projects (that’s right, I am going to jump-start two stories this time) being better. Let me give you a little of an overview, and then tell me if you’re intrigued.

The first story is a sequel to “A Deadly Connection” where Declan finds that he must work with the slimy Gary Reese in order to find Reese’s kidnapped son. Reese recognizes that Declan has the skills needed to find his son without getting the cops involved and getting his son skilled. Declan recognizes that Reese’s son is not his father, and therefore deserves Declan’s best effort. This is in the outline stage at the moment, so there is a lot to flesh out. There will be a twist, and that part will take some doing, but you will like it.

The second work will be a bit of YA fantasy and it has the working title of “Antithesis: Leader” I see it as a trilogy as it involves three kids to some extent, the first of which is a natural leader. The whole thing involves parallel worlds and magic and assassinations. This has been a percolating story in my head for too long, and it is threatening to break the dam, so this summer it comes out. 

One of my challenges will be to remove all distractions in order to get all the writing done. My son and I have started to work on a schedule so that we can do all the things that we want to do and at the same time get the work we need to do done. He has a pretty major assignment this summer for entering the 6th grade, and I really want to get him to work on his ability to plan out his work. As I write this he is tackling a little of the summer reading assignment. For those of you who have kids to watch over I offer this tip: Trade off. I guarantee Aidan a certain amount of time each day where I am at his disposal. Whatever activity he wants me to engage in I will. In exchange I get time to write and he works on school work. Finally, near the end of the day he gets a bit of tv and video game time. By giving him a little of what he wants/needs he is more willing to give me peaceful time back without argument. Now, he is 10 years old, and this has worked for the past two years so far. I cannot guarantee success with any child, but beware of those under 9. They really need more of us.

Anyway, this was just an update post so that you all knew that the writing marathon is in full force. Who knows, maybe this year I will attempt to do the NaNoWriMo. Any takers?

  1. Marcia says:

    Good for you, Jason! Sounds like a great plan with Aidan and I can’t wait to see how much you two have accomplished at the end of the summer. YA sounds right up your alley…after all, that’s the age you teach. You should know what they like! Keep us posted!

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