A Vote for the Future

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Writing

As we sit here in the midst of of Primary season I feel the need to offer some unsolicited advice to all of you voters out there.

Throughout the republican primaries we are getting a good amount of information on the candidates viewpoints (or at least the viewpoints that their speech writers give them). We are hearing about economic ideas, health care, and a myriad of things that we as a country get up in arms over. It is easy to become overwhelmed. So now I am going to add another layer of complexity on the whole thing.

If you are a Republican try to look at where the candidates stand on education. I am not saying that the economy or health care aren’t worthy of our concern or our time. What I am really suggesting is that a focus on education will make both of those items, and many others, less problematic in the long run. 

You see, the economy of the future will be supported by those who are being educated now. If we give students the abilities they need going into the future then they will be able to contribute to the economy in a positive way. When someone has an education they can make better choices. They are able to  analyze and make decisions based on information given to them.

There won’t be any candidates that say they are against education. Only a complete moron would do that, and we all know that politicians are never morons. What I suggest you look for is a candidate who is truly supportive of education. In my opinion, modest as it may be, someone that is supportive of education is interested in students learning how to think on their own. They are interested in students learning the processes of thinking and problem solving and less concerned with them just memorizing a bunch of facts. After all, having a mind full of facts with no idea on how to use those facts is useless. We need to educate the students of today, not just test them. A candidate that is willing to put forth these ideas is one that is worth backing. 

I am not advocating that you vote for any particular candidate. I am not a political pundit. I am just an author and educator. What I am hoping that you do is weigh the candidates carefully and vote for the one you feel is best for the future. I only want you to think of the fact that the younger generation is a major portion of that future, and therefore their education should be a part of the puzzle in the end.

Let us educate our future. It is one way to secure it.

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