ROW Update 8/10

Posted: August 11, 2011 in ROW80 Check

Last few days a little unproductive. I have been doing a fair bit of reading in order to find out what I need to add. Main story arc is finished, Now I have two side stories to flesh out and all will be complete. I still have plenty of time to meet my goal, so I am not worried. Besides, re-reading has really allowed me to do some minor editing. The only thing I am allowing myself to do in that regard now is to add details. I will worry about cutting out slack later.

I trust that all of you are doing fine on your goals. Keep plugging away.

  1. catwoods says:

    *shakes pom poms*

    Keep it up!

    • jmcmurray says:

      Thanks, Cat. I appreciate the cheer. I am getting the butterflies that I get as I near some big, monumental moment. That means that this story is coming to completion, and I am excited. At this point things are filling in and taking care of themselves. I have added some details at the beginnning of the story that shoule help hold up the middle, and the end is very solid as is. I am almost done with my side-trips, and don’t see myself needing much more than 15000 words to finish. I hope you all are enjoying your endeavors as well.

      FYI: I just used the word endeavor at least four times today. It must be the word of the day.

  2. Wendy says:

    Good check-in. Very encouraging. Keep up the good work!

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