Great thought on plot.

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Writing

Okay, first go and click on this link Has plot driven out other kinds of story? Hold on there. Make sure you actually read what is being sad, then you can come back and read what I have to add. I’ll wait…..



Now, I am not going to say a lot, as I feel that the article said most of it as is. I am also going to admit right now that my current story is most certainly driven by plot. The reason I shared this find is that it made me think about relying a touch less on plot in some areas of my story. There are other things that go into good writing other than plot, and we should look at those as well. Here are two other things to build up on:

1. Characters. A story without characters is very important. It is possible to create substandard characters and create a good enough plot that most people don’t care, or possibly even forgive. But imagine a great plot linked to a great character. That would be like mana from the heavens.

2. Setting. Let’s face it, our characters and plot cannot just hang out the entire time in a white room. The setting is so important. In a lot of ways it can act as a secondary character. After all, it influences much of what goes on in any good book.

Don’t abandon plot for the sake of these things, but certainly make sure to get these into the mix. Immerse your readers in the setting, allow the setting to flow into the plot. The trees swaying in the breeze remind the main character of the first time he saw the woman of his dreams, dancing on stage with the New York City Ballet. Give the characters some teeth.

The cop who is obsessed with bringing in the kidnapper is a great story, but the cop who had his own child abducted and never found, and blames himself for the whole thing and sees this as the moment for redemption is a whole different level of involvement. It will color his actions. Give him greater drive. You get the idea.

Now stop reading this and go write something.

  1. catwoods says:

    I like to balance plot and character. Too literary and I get a little hinky. Too plot driven and I get tired. I love when stories marry a great main character who I adore and put him/her into a situation that is super exciting/thrilling/terrifying/tragic.

    Nice thought-provoking link.


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