Writer’s Block No More!

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Writing
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Okay, I might be overstating the writing tip thatI am about to share in a bit, but I needed tell you something that was said to me during a workshop a couple of years ago.

We had all been talking about having times where we didn’t write because we had writer’s block. One of the people there (I forgot who) had this to say:

When you feel like you don’t know how to write take your writing tools of choice and just rewrite the word ‘the’ over and over again. Eventually other words will start flowing out instead and the block will be removed.

You see, just the act of making our hands and minds go through the basic part of the process of writing it can allow the ‘block’ to get out, because even though you are only writing the one word, you are indeed writing. I have done this before and was quite surprised that it worked. It was like a little writing jumpstart.

Try this writing tip the next time you are stuck.

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