Don’t try to sprint

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Writing

Before I get into the meat of what I want to talk about let me point out that I almost made the title of this post “Don’t try to sprunt”.

Now, what could I possibly be trying to say this time? For those of you who continue to visit and read my ramblings on writing, what I am about to say may make sense to you. If you are a first timer, hold on, because I might get a little bit crazy.

I was reading a book today and was floored by how well the other had me both guessing what the hell just happened and kept pushing me forward. Normally I have everything figured out fairly well, and in this book I believe that is the case as well. What makes this book unique to me is that in the moments where I had doubt about what was going on I was more tempted to go forward than to go back and reread a section. The whole thing is so rich in detail, and it made me want to go and write as many words as I could.

Ouch! That’s all I can say after that attempt. I rushed forward in my writing and created 2000 words of pure crap. Oh, it was actually well written, don’t get me wrong, it just didn’t fit with the rest of my story. I rushed it. I was so excited to do something that I didn’t take the time to make sure that it fit the piece I was working on. I tried to take flight and ended up a little too close to the sun.

Make sure that when you write that you take advantage of inspirtaion, by all means, but take enough time to make sure that what you do will further your project. It will make you less likely to pull your hair out when you are done. Trust me, I have very little to spare up there.

Also, sprinting may be good at the Olympics, but rushed writing doesn’t always win you anything. There are times where it may work for you, but there is also a good chance that it will sound like a fourth graders book report. Mostly lost and confused.

  1. Gwen says:

    It takes me nearly a week to compose and write one of my blog entries. I am probably one of the slower writers on the planet. I generally write in the early morning hours. Apparently this is when I am most creative and distractions are minimal. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. 🙂

    • jmcmurray says:

      Slow and steady will win the race. One of the nice things about writing is that you can set your own goals. Enjoy your journey. It will reward you well. If you get the time, read a little of my work on the sample page. Maybe it will give you ideas (to avoid or copy).

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