Why do I do this?

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Writing

First off, It has been too long since I posted. I would just like to say to all the single parents out there who take good care of their kids, good work. Helene (my wife) has been out of town all week, and it has been up to me to juggle all the various schedules without assistance. I am proud to say that nothing exploded and that several loads of laundry actually got finished.

Now, why do I write? I think that people don’t always understand the need that we authors have to write. I find that when circumstances arise where I can only write for a short period I actually get annoyed. I write because it allows me to create a world and the people in it. It is a creative outlet, sure, but it is also more than that. Writing to me is about life.

In my present work, “Professional Development” (working title), my main character has become more and more real to me as I go. He has hopes, dreams and aspirations, and someone is trying to squelch those. It’s funny, even though I am in charge of the antagonist I still feel as if he is a jerk. “Just leave everything alone!” I find myself thinking. Sounds funny, I know, but it does happen.

Writing for me is also about the life that it can bring to other people. When someone reads something that I have written and says “That was cool” with a big smile on their face, I know that I have added to their world just a little bit. It is my hope to someday add to the worlds of many people.

In the end, we all have our reasons that we write. Like any other profession, we do what we do because that is who we are.

  1. Marcia says:

    Jason, I’ve thought from time to time how frustrating it must be sometimes that you want to sit down to write for as long as you need to, but life gets in the way. You are one of the best husbands and fathers I know, and I believe you probably reap great rewards from that. I feel the same way about needing to sit and write…it’s an emotional outlet, as well as a creative one. It’s something you own, something no one can take away from you. Keep finding snippets of time to get more of your story written, and keep your notebook with you for random thoughts or revelations when you’re not near your laptop.

    When I’m struggling with time for writing, I think of you carrying the baby and answering questions for Aidan, and cooking dinner all at the same time…and realize I don’t have it so bad. 🙂

  2. I think positive feedback keeps all writers going. I understand feeling like a jerk when writing the antagonist. Often times when bad things happen to my hero I feel guilty and depressed. I get so involved in my book it is a little scary. However, I guess that’s normal. Well, maybe not normal but I’m not alone 🙂

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