The opposite of Writer’s Block

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Writing
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I am taking a break from writing today to clear my head a bit. My brain is going a thousand miles a minute, and I thought I would share one of my recurring problems when writing. Some people suffer from writer’s block, or so they say. I have never had a problem with finding words to put down. For me the problem is the opposite. The words come to my brain to fast.

I can type a respectable 50 words per minute. I realize that there are those who can do more than double that, but I think that 50wpm is pretty darn good. The problem I have is that the words come to my head at a pace that seems to be three times that. I feel like I am losing information. Most days I don’t worry about it and plow through. Some of the words return in time to be placed on the mighty electronic device (computer, for those of you not used to how I use words). Today, like a few others, it is just frustrating the hell out of me. Hence the break.

I find if I take a break, and don’t let things get to me, I can re-channel my energies and press forward. I try to keep these breaks to 10 minutes or less. This break, according to the word count, has been approximately five minutes.

I feel better, so back to work I go.

What do you do when frustration sets in? I would be interested in hearing.

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