The moment has arrived.

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Writing

No, this is not a proclamation that my novel is done. Almost the opposite. I went to work on it today and it appeared to have reverted to an older version. A version roughly twenty-five thousand words ago.

Did I take this as a sign that I should quit? Many an aspiring beginner may have. Not I.

I actually started thinking about how I could recover all of the thoughts that had gone into the original draft. How could I recapture some of the rawness. I didn’t want to rewrite, I wanted to recreate. It is in this moment, today, that I felt I was truly on the right path. Where it is headed is anyone’s guess.

  1. Good for you for not quiting! I lost about that much writing once. It was caused by a power outage. It was very disheartening. When the power came back on I stayed up all night writing. I didn’t remember everything that was lost, but new ideas came to me. I captured a new rawness that took me in a different direction. I hope you keep on the right path. I look forward to reading more about your novel writing journey.

    • jmcmurray says:

      Thank you for stopping by Haley. Looks like you write in one of my favorite genres to read. I love historical Fiction. I look forward to stopping by your blog regularly. Feel free to give me tips on blogging. I am just starting this up and am looking forward to making many mistakes. Without mistakes, I won’t know what I’ve learned.

      Fortunately, for my story, I was able to find a recently saved version. Closing in on 30,000 words. It’s getting kind of scary here.

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